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Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design (HD) combines western astrology, the chakra system, and modern sciences that creates a body graph similar to a natal chart showing how you were designed to live; how your energy body is affected by the environment and people around you; gaining clarity on life purpose; learning what is conditioning versus what is your truth; understanding how to listen to your intuition; and more in-depth info based on your HD birth chart.

The Process:

Each session ranges from 60–90 Minutes. A second reading is beneficial to go over more in depth information, such as diving deeper into your life, purpose, career and more. Sessions are all through Zoom and recorded mostly for you to look back on in the future! 

We can also combine charts which is great for relationships of all kinds! We can even go over your kids charts, which can help guide you to understanding your children’s human design, how to tweak parenting styles, and how to guide your children to become the best version of themselves!

Much like an astrological birth chart, Human Design (HD) is based on your exact date, time and location of birth. In addition to astrology, Human Design also incorporates facets of Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myers-Briggs, biochemistry, genetics and the chakra system. These all form, in my humble opinion, an insanely comprehensive map called a body graph.

The body graph allows us to see ourselves in terms of energy and purpose– a grand combo, because literally everything IS energy, including us; and understanding our purpose in this lifetime is next–level living. To align with your Human Design is to own your uniqueness, decondition where possible, and learn to live your unique purpose.