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Align & Refine Services

  • FREE Connection Call – this 30-minute Connection Call is an energy exchange where we discuss you, your goals & aspirations, and then together we’ll design your unique Wellness Plan accordingly.
  • Abhyanga – This luxurious and methodical, full-body Ayurvedic Oil Treatment honors the largest organ of the body, the skin, by applying a liberal amount of luxurious, herbalized oil from head to toe-tips. The powerful herbs penetrate deeply, allowing toxins and stress to move out, and your whole physiology to be profoundly nourished for optimal functioning.
  • Full Ayurvedic Consultation & Pulse Assessment 

This thorough, holistic consultation helps you to understand what Elements (air, space, earth, water, fire) make-up your unique mind-body system (Nature/ Dosha Consitution or Prakriti), as well as what Dosha(s) might be out of balance in your current state (Vikriti). Having knowledge about our natural mind-body baseline (Prakriti) as well as our current imbalances (Vikriti) enables us to make more self-referral-based decisions that are in accordance with what foods, behaviors, lifestyle, habits, and daily routine will best suit our unique mind-body system. Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge gives us the power to create balance and harmony in our bodies, minds, spirits and lives. (Includes Full Consultation, Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment + Ayurvedic Recommendations – $125)

  • 1:1 Salty Sound Bath 
  • Sound Healing is one of the most effortless modalities available to create coherence and harmony in the mind-body system, and thereby reduce and resolve stored trauma and stress in both the physical and energetic bodies. Sound healing with crystal singing bowls works to balance and powerfully purify your chakra system, while the salt cave works to powerfully purify your physical being from the inside out. This divine combination of sound + salt serves as a refreshing reset for your entire physiology – creating a new baseline of cohesion + clarity. 

        (60-min session/$108 or $143 with halotherapy)

  • Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) – BQH is a heart-based modality developed by Candace Graw-Goldman, and is deeply rooted in the infamous Dolores Canon’s good work, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).   

In this 3-hour exploratory session, Amy, your BQH Practitioner, utilizes hypnosis and relaxation techniques to guide you into the theta brainwave state, where you gain direct access to an abundance of next-level self-knowledge and will be taken on a remarkable inward journey. Facilitated by Amy, directed by your higher self.

  • Create Your Own Salty Self-Care Experiencea curated-for-you 1:1 (or small group) self-care experience in the salt cave. Choose 1-3 of the following modalities to incorporate while you simultaneously receive the profoundly purifying benefits of halotherapy:
  • Pranayama (breath practice)
  • Yoga asana (postures/movement)
  • Meditation
  • Sound Bath
  • Energy Healing

(Can be booked 1:1 or small groups. Price based on modalities chosen & number of people. Schedule your FREE Connection Call and let’s Create Your Own Salty Self-Care Experience together!)